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With a history which goes 2000 years back in history, Nijmegen claims the tittle of the oldest city in the Netherlands. The city is world-famous among hiking enthusiast and runners. The city hosts beautiful running events such as 'de Zevenheulenloop' and 'de Marikenloop' and of the biggest event (for walking) of the world: the international Four Day marches. However, the little streets and less known places are often skipped. You leave without any information about Nijmegen’s history, entertaining bars, venues, new concepts & facts... a lack!

Book a tour with us and discover more. A tour in an elegant speed, running from one interesting place to the other. In between you will get enough rest to catch your breath and assume more about the city. Another possibility is the ‘green tour’ where we make a slightly longer tour through the forests or floodplains from Nijmegen. We can also offer a combination.  Enough possibilities. Optional is a drink afterwards: interaction and sociability are one of our highest priorities!

Nijmegen is world-famous among hiking enthusiast and runners.

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