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City tour 

What to expect?
Discover the city in an easy speed.
We adapt our tour on your pace! There will be explanation about the important sights we pass.
While doing this you got time to catch your breath...

Start & finish: Run2Day Nijmegen
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Max. kilometers: 7
Max. kilometers continuously: 1

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City & Nature tour

What to expect?

We will combinate the city tour with a slightly longer tour through the floodplains from Nijmegen.

Start & Finish: Run2Day Nijmegen
Duration city tour: 2 hours
Max. kilometers: 9
Max. kilometers continuously: 3

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Tjeerd Verbeek - Pics&nothing ELSE



Trail tour

What to expect?

We will bring you to the forest close by Nijmegen. We run with you through the hilly landscape and will show you beautiful perspectives. The perfect run to enjoy nature at her best and to calm down all your senses.

Start & Finish: Run2Day Nijmegen
Duration city tour: 2 hours
Max. kilometers: 15
Max. kilometers continuously: Depends on you

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Bike tour

What to expect?

This tour is specially composed for those who don’t like running that much or who prefer to see a bit more from the surroundings of Nijmegen. Besides the regular tour we also make several stops at some hot-spots in- and around town to make sure you have your shot of caffeine & vitamins! We are making an adventurous biking tour so rent or bring a sportive bike!

Start & Finish: Run2Day Nijmegen
Duration city tour: 2,5 hours
Max. kilometers: 12
Max. kilometers continuously: We will have three stops

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Planning a running tour that your event visitors or employees will never forget? Corporate running tours are becoming more popular, as a morning or afternoon activity along the meetings and conferences. A running tour is an activity where people can network and see something more of the city besides the Powerpoints presentations, talks, workshops and airport/taxi. The perfect active way to start the day. Your conference participants will be mentally and physically ready for a full conference day!



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